Monday, May 21, 2012

Intro- Trip to a mecca

I am so exhausted but I had to take a few minutes to write my first thoughts after my trip to the mecca.

I saw Tim Holtz today and without sounding too dramatic, it was a definite blip in my life, you know, the jump on the heart monitor, significant, etc. etc. He is really a sweet and talented man. But you know that... and if you didn't, now you know. What you hear and see is what you get.

It was a one day trip to Boston, from the NY/NJ area which should explain any babbling I may do here albeit short. I am so so tired but surprisingly rejuvenated and full of creative energy.

He calls the store where he held his classes this weekend, Absolutely Everything, a crafting mecca. Boy, what a store. And they were gracious, he was wonderful, and Mario was cheerful and kind. A really good way to spend a Sunday. Will post pics up of my project and of the trip. Happy to be back home but so happy to have been on this journey!

Have a happy Monday morning!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting that Love Back

You've lost that loving feeling... ooh, that loving feeling... You've lost that loving feeling.....

In a funk.

I am hunkering down and will be slowly but surely doing a major purge of all craft items starting this evening. It has been harder and harder to work on projects because of the overwhelming feeling of not being organized and of course the most important thing... missing that crafting inspiration.  I am experiencing crafter's block!

Well time to get to work!!!

I am excited to say that I am doing one crazy thing this weekend that I am hoping will start the juices flowing!!  I am going to be taking a class with the one and only... Tim Holtz!!! Yippee!!  Okay, getting there is going to be crazy, as I am not driving and will be cramming in a full day of travel to go to Topsfield, MA.  Bus from NYC to Boston, Cab to Topsfield. I am hoping we have the energy to keep on moving! And going back home that same day. At least 14 hours traveling for a 4 hour class!  Crazy I know!!!! Oy!   But I am looking forward to it. Traveling with my good friend DollhouseDiva and looking forward to memories.  We are taking a jewelry class.  I. Can. Not. Wait.

I participated in a few crops late last summer into the fall and will be uploading a few pics. But the work has long stopped since then...

My crafting block has also made me very lax in my responsibilities. I have one LONG LONG LONG overdue swap that I need to ship and hoping my partner forgives me.  I just have to shake off this funk!  Here is to the weekend.  I have a feeling this is going to be one crafty, funking summer!

Happy Tuesday crafters!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Martha, Martha, Martha!

I went to my first Martha Stewart Show taping on Tuesday Oct 4th! I have friends who have been multiple times and I have always wished I had my chance. And the opportunity popped up in the last week. A group that I am a member of, The Manhattan Scrapbooking Meetup Group, was contacted by the show and asked us to come on by for Craft week.

It was a lot of fun! Her studio was so beautiful. I could have spent hours there. Just sitting there in the audience made me want to jump in and cook and craft. The audience warmer, Joey Kola, was so funny and kept everyone animated and ready to do our job to cheer and oohh and ahh away during the taping of the segments. Now I have to say this. Martha knows her stuff. When she walked out my heart skipped a little. I love her magazine, her crafts but actually being in the room with her was nice! I have a friend who is not a fan. She is entitled to her opinion but you have to respect what Martha has done with the industry. You have to respect her empire. Martha, Martha, Martha. And by the way, O my goodness, I loved her beige platform slingback shoes. Sweet. Wish I took a photo! I was dodging the cameras trying to get a look every time she walked from behind the counters.

Also part of the audience, were a local Long Island PTA and a group of bloggers who were following the show during the taping and special guests like the Michael's Gold Club. I think I got that right. How do I get on that?

Besides the wonderful recipes for Apple Cake, Chicken Barley Soup and bulb planting, they featured Martha's Crackle paint which I am so buying. The best part is that we got to walk away with a full set of her paints. So excited! Also part of the audience giveaways were flower bulbs and a gift card from Michaels which I plan on using very, very soon. Joey was also going in between the breaks handing out giveaways. I discovered this morning that I had forgotten to remove my giveaway from my purse. I am walking around with a box of linguine. Ha!

After the taping, Martha did hold a quick question and answer session, where she was interacting with the audience. I was really impressed with how much she knew (of course!) and how detailed everyone was with their questions, from questions about finishing up curtains to how to keep your punches sharp. The answer to the punch question of course is to use aluminum foil- the heavy duty thick one, and use wax paper to keep it lubricated. Questions also asked were about dahlia planting and decorating for large event spaces. This was an audience of people who really craft and I was proud to be there. She was impressed too, saying we were a very serious audience.

Great way to break up the week- yes I took a half day from work for this. Why not?

I remember someone asking me once, "Aren't you a little too old to be playing with paper and glue?" At first I was a little embarrassed, it did seem silly when presented that way to a group of people who didn't give a hoots ass for crafting. But I seriously have to say that the joy that I get with a nice 12 x12 embossed paper or a swap in the mail is glorious. Sometimes I am more excited by paper than I am with people. Ha! I have so much pride in what I do and what my friends do. To her I say never. NEVER! Lets keep the craft alive! And to the people who make it possible for us to gather new ideas and celebrate the art, like Martha, Thank you!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ranger Warehouse Sale

I came...I saw... I bought.

I finally went to a Ranger Sale! Ranger Industries has so many wonderful products including those by Mr. Tim Holtz, Suze Weinberg, Claudine Hellmuth and more. I had a great time! The anticipation, driving there ( I don't drive that often so that in itself was an adventure), seeing the products, buying by the pound! - just being there where it all is made and happens...Good times. When we arrived there was already a line. We got right on it and waited about 1/2 or a little more to get inside!
The sale literally is in the warehouse. They rope off the shelves you aren't supposed to take stuff from and tables with products and boxes are put in front of you to feast. Discontinued colors of ink pads, reinkers, stickles, dimensional pearls and pop dots are available for you to buy by the pound. I picked up so many pop dots, at least 6 packs. I will never have to buy a pop dot again for 2 years. I plan on giving most of them away to friends and keep a stash to myself.
Here are my goodies! I bought plenty of dimensional pearls, I found a Tim Holtz embossing powder, some Utee powder, color washes and stickles! This stash will definitely help me round off my projects the next couple of weeks. Its been a crazy and stressful couple of weeks. This trip was a treat and brightened up my weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tidy home, Tidy mind

I have been crafting all over over my home. Really doing my swaps, but still, working and creating in every place but my craft area. Something was not right in the room. I just didn't feel "good" in the room.

I was looking online at craft rooms that inspired me. Wow, there is quite a bit of beautiful rooms out there! My room currently has turquoise walls, white trim and brown laminate floors. I was thinking of going all white, but the walls called out to me, asking for another chance. What I realized I needed was accents, pictures, inspiration and maybe a touch of space. So instead of waiting to shop at Ikea to buy the Expedit I decided to use what I have and be creative! I have great wire shelving with four shelves, all I needed was to shuffle around and reorganize.

I don't know what it was but after doing a bulk of the moving last night and today, I am so excited and inspired!! Its kind of like what I want to do with my shopping. Just sit down, buckle down with what I have and just be creative and make it happen.

Here is one craft room that has be salivating. It is exactly my taste, not too cubicle and just wonderful, vintage and just plain beautiful! - By Karen Russell...

And then you see someone use the space they have and make the most of it. Check out Laurana's space! You just need to stretch your mind out and push the envelope. Love this space! You have no excuse! Be it a closet or hallway, make the space yours.

Hope you are all finding some creative magic in your home!!

-ink... paper... love...

Starvin' Marvin

I was thinking of completely stopping any type of shopping from Sept 15 to May 27. I think I may not make it. I did say diet, not starvation so I think I will modify my plans and not go too extreme which I tend to do and do things in moderation. There is the Ranger Warehouse Sale that I have never been to and I am dying to go. That would break my "fast" if I went, so I will have to modify my vow of shopping poverty.

And let the games begin.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

He loves me, he loves me not...


One of the most recent swaps I participated in at Your Paper Pantry was a flower swap. The theme was vintage Americana, colors were to be faded reds, blues, creams---(think vintage photo, walnut stain, tea dyed) I was at first very excited to participate. I am flower obsessed but lately I have not been purchasing flowers like I used to after noticing that I could probably make them myself. This swap was an opportunity to prove that!

Well.. When I sat down to figure it out, I was completely stuck. I had two dies but I couldn't visualize exactly how I would do it and I wanted them special. I tried paper, fabric and I was determined not to go out and purchase anything to make these. In the end I found my materials and buckled down with the Tim Holtz Tattered Flowers and a Stampin Up Fringed Flower dies. I made the third flower by hand, a lollipop flower with fabric and tulle. I struggled for a bit and I realized that I was overthinking it. I just had to let go. They didn't need to be blinged out, they could be simple, which I tend to gravitate to. Simplistic. In the end I succeeded in making my flower creations. The fact that I had to make about 12 of them and of course was running behind on my deadline didn't help but in the end I really appreciated the opportunity to challenge myself. We also had to package them nicely, so I made a 6x6 matchbook which is so simple and perfect for housing the flowers which I secured with glue dots. Small challenge, big steps, and hopefully money saved if I continue to make them in the future!